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The Young Scientist is a company that is dedicated to building Tools & skills for life to the children of today and the leaders of tomorrow - skills based on creativity and innovation in science and technology. Construction of personal kits hands-on enables the children to understand, assimilate and internalise the material. From our experience with thousands of children in israel, it’s evident, that learning with the personal kits, accompanied by simply presented academic material, helps the children develop skills of autonomous inventiveness. The “young scientist” company is working all along the way with the ministries of science and education as well as with a wide range of municipalities and districts, with teachers and principals of schools all over Israel.

We are excited to launch our revolutionary Aerospace Educational Program YS-Air

Academic courses for kids


The world is changing rapidly. It’s hard to know what knowledge will be needed in our children’s future. Therefore we believe that there’s a great need to develop different life tools and skills in addition to knowledge.We, in the Young Scientist, believe, that inspiring children to explore and innovate by constructing hands-on , learning and discovering, is a way to equip them with tools and skills for life.


Our Mission is to create a generation of children throughout the world with a passionate drive to explore, discover and create through learning with the method of our expertise: complex science and technology principles brought in simple language, hands- on construction of unique kits, demonstrating the principles, yearlong science courses for every institution in the world


We believe that every human being has all he needs to create a wonderful life for himself for the good of the world. Though it’s a well known truth, not many are aware of it or live it in reality.Young scientist believes that it is imperative to encourage, support and challenge the individuals of the next generation to explore, discover and create passionately their own and the world’s future by exploring , discovering and creating in the world of science and technology.


Developing a course in how to create an innovative product

Developing a course in MAKERS

Developing of an electronics course

africa project

Using the Young scientist tools to explore and discover we are creating an opportunity for the African children to develop life tools, that can enable them to create by themselves inspiring innovations


Simple, understandable demonstration the “young scientist “ materials are brought to the teachers and the students in a clear, simple and catchy manner. the students discover science laws demonstrated in such a simple way that everyone understands and knows
Ramot school
Hod Hasharon
Where was all this when i was little? ​ it’s amazing. i’m buing it as it is without any change. where was all this when i was little?! elyahu vaizer
General Principle of the community center
Har Nof
Simply excellent!!! was very successful. we enjoyed the excellent, clear and understandable explanations ! the students enjoyed very much the clear instructions for construction and experimenting. the evaluation was original “we never did anything like this before
Creative Tzvya Jerusalem

With our know-how, our tools and our employees we want to actively help people help themselves, and by doing so, do our part to ensure a better future and a cleaner environment

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