Science to Africa Project

Using the Young scientist tools to explore and discover we are creating an opportunity for the African children to develop life tools, that can enable them to create by themselves inspiring innovations

Shuvu school in Petach Tikva

Every year “shuvu” school in Petach Tikva receives year long courses for each of the six grade classes. Every year they learn a different subject: first graders learn about forces around us in the course “in the land of good forces”. second graders - about forces that are in the world “hello forces” third graders - the law of action - reaction in the course of science and transportation fourth graders - about sounds and voices in the course of acustics fifth graders - about light in the course of optics six graders - chemistry in the course scents in science that’s one of the pathways for the children to learn principles in different areas of life by the time they graduate primary school

Science Exibition in Hedera

Leading a central science workshop in hedera with giant models demonstrating different physics laws as laws governing a submarine, laws of inertia, etc

Introducing robotics into the educational system of Benjamin district

The ministry of education is introducing robotics into the school system in israel from grade 4 up. the purpose of it is to enable the students to develop skills in programming of robots and general technology. the young scientist’s team is leading the actual realization of choosing the robot system, development of the pedagogies and of the management of the whole project in the schools of the biggest district of israel - benjamin district. after deep consideration the fisher - technic robots were chosen. and now we are developing a yearly going on pedagogy and robot competitions

Learning building skills for primary school students in Maale Adumim

In this innovative project we, in partnership with the maale adumim municipality, enabled the students of one of the schools to build a separate room in the school yard. in the building process with their own hands the students were exposed to different subject matters as climate, insulation, boil builders, etc

Workshop of science and aviation in Kfar Oranim

A aviation workshop in kfar oranim was about: jet force, rockets, lift force, air baloons, etc

Smart digital system to choose an instructor for science activities among instructors in general educational system

creation of a smart digital systemCenabling connection between science instructors and school principles. the priority - the match score - between a specific school and a specific instructor is carried out by a smart questionnaire. at the end of the process the principal receives a list of relevant instructors and the instructor receives a list of relevant courses

"Upgrading the “young scientist

The young scientist is upgrading the appearance and the contents to match the new period we live in

Building a new conference room for the young scientist

As part of theupgrading of young scientist a new well eqquiped conference room was built with an ongoing display

Project of ministry of science for science teaching to children Sal Mada

The ministry of science created a program to encourage science teaching in schools in israel, investing in it 40 mil. shekels. the “young scientist” is acting as advisor to the ministry of science to make the best out of this program. also several districts preferd the “young scientist” content for their schools in this framework

Sal Mada in the Benjamin district

In this project the young scientist is not only the source of science contents but also together with the ministry of science is submitting and managing the Sal Mada

Contest in Mathematics

About 700 students took part in the third annual mathematics contest. about 10 of the best of them took the top places in the nationwide “kengooro” quiz, too. the students also reached the finals where they were put in a simulation of Apolo 13 to test their coping abilities with assessment questions of the astronauts in space each one separately and in group brainstorming

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