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The child enjoys tremendously to create we recieved with gratitude the first kit - the chemical clock. the son enjoys very much to build the clock with his father, while learning , creating and having a meaningful father-son time on a subject that interests both of them. i am interested in going on with the subscription and to recieve the other kits

Thank you very much. Keren

simple, understandable demonstration the “young scientist “ materials are brought to the teachers and the students in a clear, simple and catchy manner. the students discover science laws demonstrated in such a simple way that everyone understands and knows

Ramot school in Hod Hasharon

Where was all this when i was little? it’s amazing. i’m buing it as it is without any change. where was all this when i was little?! elyahu vaizer

General Principle of the Community center Har Nof

I loved the simple explanation we got the kit and built it this morning. it was great fun and very interesting!!! my 10 year old son is a real little scientist. it was really amazing. i loved it very much - the simple clear explanation. expecting the next kit

Thanks from Maya and Noam

Very interesting, a very exciting construction and clear presentation

Teacher from Kramim school

Learning while experimenting we were priviledged this year to get the ‘sal mada” grant and so: grades 3-4 enjoyed a course on forces in nature grades 5-6 - an optics course the children learn while doing interesting experiments and constructing elaborate kits

Ase Hail school in Efrat

The “young scientist” program is excellent for 3 -6 graders. the program expresses in the best possible way the principles of relevant and meaningful learning. the greatest asset of this program is the simplicity of learning a scientific principle by the construction of the model by the students

Frenkel school, Jerusalem

The program was recieve with great exitement and joy the program opened for us a window to a new world full with curiosity and challanges for the children, the team and to the general school language. science is the most favorite subject in school, so this proggram was recieved with great excitement and joy

Ahavat Tora

Thank you dr. Akiva for a year of learning and success

Grammer school in Hashmonaim

Was very successful. we enjoyed the excellent, clear and understandable explanations ! the students enjoyed very much the clear instructions for construction and experimenting. the evaluation was original “we never did anything like this before

Teacher from “Creative Tzvya” Jerusalem

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