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The Young Scientist spirit

The Young Scientist Company specializes in the development of educational technologies in science. ​ More than 800 kits combining numerous science principles, explained in simple language, relatively simple self-assembling instructions and clearly understandable visual presentation materials; more than over 10 yearly courses with 26 lessons including personal science kits for each kid in the class.

The kits - educational Potential

Learning through kit assemblage achieves different goals: personal learning with innovative and enjoyable content. access to the institutional science education

Making kids love to enjoy, discover

learn - how can we do it

Achieving a sense of real ability by Building hands- on and operating The Kits. Really understanding the science principle behind by experimenting with the kits. The result: Continued promotion of kids drive to explore, learn and understand.

Values -empowerment by learning

and creating hands-on with

passion and faith

Empowerment by successes in the assembling; developing a passionate approach in experimenting and discovering developing a faith in the abbilities to create

Come meet us up close

. Akiva Yoselis, Ph.D Founder and strategic planning

Founder and strategic planner – Dr. Yoselis, Ph.D. in chemistry, over 40 years of professional experience of institutionalized science education, recognized as world-class professional in his area of expertise, tight working, education & relationships with the top management of ministries of science as well as field leaders.

Yitzhak Yoselis - Chairman

Yitzhak, B.Sc in electrical engineering, has more than 20 years of business and technology experience in Israel and abroad; worked in the Israeli aerospace industries as a technical manager in a system of a 1B$ project; served in a set of management and system engineering positions across industries.

Dov Yoselis - CEO

Dov, M.BA and a B.Sc. in Robotics engineering, has 16 years of experience, leading excellence operations, with strong knowledge in continuous improvement process and kyzen teams, 5S and lean methods, leading the development of a critical component at 2.2B$ IAI project.; managed about 100 technical operators at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., founded and managed a big-data startup, and in parallel, manages a wide range of social volunteering projects

Valentene Sharov - Physicist - R&D manager

Valentine has more than 40 years of physics & science education experience, for many years he was an admired teacher at Saint Petersburg, for the last 25 years Valentine is working with Dr. Akiva in developing science kits, experiments & lesson's content for YS courses. Valentine has a deep understanding of physics and has a unique capability to adapt complicated scientific concepts to simple, understandable for kids, language

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